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Free Call Divert to Landlines

Status: Not For Us
by justinrossrowe48 on ‎11-10-2010 17:27

Years ago there used to be a service called 'Orange Everyphone'. I've just re-discovered that it does still exist, but it's only available to business customers.


See here:


The idea was that you could divert your calls to a landline or another mobile on the same network, free of per minute charges.


You could also dial a short number from your handset e.g. 330, or 07xxx xxx330 from a landline or another mobile to set the divert up, if for example you had left your phone in the office, or at home. - I have noticed a similar idea has recently been posted up in the ideas forum!!


Obviously, the termination fee GiffGaff receives for calls to it's mobile range dwarfs that of the termination fee for diverting to a landline, hence I feel this service is not only useful, but actually viable.


Orange also charges a one off 8p(ish) charge for setting these diverts by charging to call the 330 short code number, or if setting up from the landline they receive termination revenue by using 07xxx xxx 330.


This could make GiffGaff money whilst providing a service users are asking you for!


**Please kudos if you like this idea, and would like to be able to divert your calls to landline numbers for free!**

Status: Not For Us

This is existing functionality, some cost and some are free. Please see below (cheers nutella).


Call divert

all calls all times

** 21 * phone number where calls are to be forwarded #

Call divert

all calls all times cancel

dial #21#

Call divert

all calls all times status


Call divert

ALL DIVERTS cancelled

# # 002 # 

Call divert

ALL DIVERTS reactivate


Call divert

no reply

** 61 * phone number where calls are to be forwarded #

Call divert

no reply cancel


Call divert

no reply status


Call divert

not reachable

** 62 * phone number where calls are to be forwarded #

Call divert

not reachable cancel


Call divert

not reachable status


Call divert

when busy

** 67 * phone number where calls are to be forwarded # 

by nutellajunkie on ‎12-10-2010 16:05
Yes I know that, thats why I said it can be done with the inclusive. Im always going to stick with you cant get everything for free here. And that profit needs to be made. im out.
by fahadsadah on ‎12-10-2010 16:33

I think this would be a great way for giffgaff to make profit. More people would use it than if it was charged for, which giffgaff could really cash in on.

by fahadsadah on ‎12-10-2010 16:36

To nutellajunkie and jamesy, remember that call diverting to landlines, or other O2 phones, is quite profitable - receiving the full mobile termination rate and paying almost nothing (on-net and landline calls are practically free)


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