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GiffGaff Internet Settings Wizard

Status: Not For Us
by a0004uk on ‎12-05-2011 21:15

There does seem to be a constant stream of people asking for Internet settings. So to help cut down on the amount of threads created because of this, how about an interactive web based GiffGaff app ?


The user could navigate to the app and could either choose their phone model ( this option may only be feasible for the most popular phones. iPhones, San Francisco etc ... ) or choose their operating system ( iOS, android etc ...) and corresponding version. ( Could also have an option  to walkthrough how to find the version they are on)


After selecting this, the guide could provide a walkthrough of how to enter the settings. Also they would have the option to download the GiffGaff APN app etc... if they wish.


All with the aid of images of images of course to make it easier.


With the BlackBerry services coming sometime this year ,hopefully this would help reduce the inevitable onslaught of requests. 


Im sure members could pull together to fill in the blanks for each phone model, and provide graphics and such. Also coding skills would also be needed as i don't posses the required knowledge to create this.


Once it was initially created, it would only be a matter of updating software versions and new popuar phones. So not too much maintenance required.


For newbies to get the full benefit, why not automatically put a link to the app in the 'My GiffGaff' news feed ?


I have tried searching and couldn't find anything directly comparable to this. i know there are multiple guides already available, but wouldn't it be good to have them in one place ?

Status: Not For Us
This idea is not suitable. However we are working on a strategy that is a much more preferred route. Rather than being web based we would prefer to have this work more pro-actively recognising the handset type and sending a message with the appropriate information.

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