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by powderedtoastman on ‎13-03-2012 17:07

Okay, maybe it's not such a snazzy name, but that can happen in the development process.


Basically, what I'm suggesting here is a section, similar to off-topic (i.e. without kudos), that is specifically for the teenagers of giffgaff. I'm aware there are a lot of us, since we're all cheapskates and giffgaff is the cheapest out there. Also, it'll hopefully be more tolerant with duplicates, mistakes, etc; as some standard giffgaff users aren't (imho).


In order to implement this, users can put an age in their giffgaff details, and then this section would appear on their community page. Obviously, it would also be open to educators and V.I.G.s, so that it isn't abused.


This idea could always be expanded, for example, you could have a section for the elderly that also possesses more tolerance.


What do you think? I'm happy to alter my idea as better solutions come up.


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