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Idea status review period

Status: Implemented
by stephenmiller ‎04-05-2012 13:56 - edited ‎04-05-2012 16:20

Shockingly this is my second idea in two days so I apologise for the spam.


I have noticed recently that there are some ideas marked accepted that receive no updates on their progress, this was brought to my attention by this.




Posted: 17-02-2010


Accepted: 19-11-2010 

This is an extremely difficult and complex piece of work. So we will start by developing a way for people to view a summery of their data first. So this will not include precise records, but more percentages of usage. We hope to be able to provide this in the first half of 2011.
We are currently still looking at how this can be implemented with low cost, which is quite difficult at the moment, but an update on this should come early next year
Here is the accepted ideas board showing the oldest accepted ideas 

 This is the most extreme example obviously but there are many other examples of accepted ideas that have received no updates of their progress in two years. For ideas to be marked a duplicate of another which is gathering dust with no update in so long does not create a good image and discourages people from supporting the original idea.

I propose that set review periods be put in place where the progress of an ideas development can be updated or the idea can be reassigned a new status if need be. I've put a few times as a guide but these don't have to be set in stone, the point is that there should be a timetable for review. 
  • Accepted ideas: 3 months
  • Need more feedback : 3 months
  • Under consideration: 6 months 
  • Future review: 12 months
After that amount of time the idea should be 'chased up' and the progress updated in the comments or the status changed if circumstances have changed since the original status was assigned.
A way that this could be done and kept up to date is with a calendar and alerts set or any other way that staff keep track of dates and deadlines
Increased transparency on progress of accepted etc ideas.
Encourage staff to chase up older ideas.
Encourages duplicate posters to support the original idea.
A relatively simple process to sustain once set up and brought up to date. If the calendar is shared with the duplicator team they can also update as they see necessary
Technically no restrictions at all.
Status: Implemented
This has now been implemented - thanks Stephen!
by Community Manager on ‎03-08-2012 21:28
Status changed to: Working On It
This will be implemented soon, but slightly different to how you propose as the idea statuses have had a review, future review for instance is now more like the old 'Under Consideration'. Thanks again for the great idea Stephen!
by giffgaff Educator on ‎03-08-2012 22:53
Status changed to: Implemented
This has now been implemented - thanks Stephen!

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