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Introduce a goodybag for less than £10 which includes data

Status: Not For Us
by joepowell3 on ‎12-07-2011 13:48

I know this is not a new idea, but since giffgaff are now charging people (who are not on a goodybag worth £10 or more) for data I feel this needs to be reconsidered.


I have spoken to Vincent about introducing a monthly data cap, and his response was positive.


Based on the fact that for over a year giffgaff have been giving each of their customers 100mb EVERY DAY FOR FREE (this equatres to approx. 3000mb per month), I think that a relatively small monthly data cap could set on goodybags under £10.


Maybe a goodybag for £7.50 could be implemented which includes unlimited texts and 250mb (I mean 250mb to be used throughout the entire month, this is not a daily limit).


In my opinion, I think that many people (including myself)  who currently buy £5 goodybags will start buying this goodybag instead which will obviously result in more income for giffgaff.


Please give kudos if you think that introducing a goodybag with a small monthly data cap would be a step in the right direction for giffgaff. Thanks.

Status: Not For Us
Nice idea however because of concerns over how complicated this would be system wise and the fact we will be having data only goodybags we felt it wasn't suitable.
by petext200 on ‎17-07-2011 11:23

I think tiny top ups is a great idea for a network like giffgaff. Strangely for a network so cheap, the minimum top up is £10, I know that's more an O2 thing but still. I was surprised Orange introduced such a thing when all you do with 10p credit is send a singal text, seems a waste of time to me, but for giffgaff this is a brilliant idea.

by joepowell3 on ‎17-07-2011 16:24

@adamh1989 and petext200

I think that is a great idea, but I think giffgaff have swept that idea aside in the past because the process of topping-up is apparently costly to giffgaff (I'm not an expert but I have other people saying that it is costly). I think that is why O2 made the minimum top-up £10 instead of £5 because it means that the network can keep their costs down.

by petext200 on ‎17-07-2011 18:57

Yes, I have heard about the cost to them before, because of using cards, they incure a charge. I remember some suggestions about smaller top ups, I suppose we're not gaining or losing any money, but it would be nice.

by eadle on ‎20-07-2011 19:28

I think the setup already in places works and still making giffgaff profitable so i don't see a need to change it. 

by pengwyn on ‎20-07-2011 19:31

i think a £7.50 bag has been rejected b4 a £5 data bag however shold be implemented b4 we lose too many to 3

by kghunt on ‎21-07-2011 14:23

I too would prefer a data only goody bag (no texts or minutes). I use it in my android tablet so I would never use the minutes or texts. There are alot of tablets out there. I have a £5 a month 1gb data plan from 3 (that im about to cancel becuase i use about 250mb a month). If 3 can do it!

by ah500 on ‎21-07-2011 17:25

I use a littl bit of data every day, but because I use so few calls/texts it seems it's cheaper for me to stay on 'pay as you go' then use goody bag. I think this is a great idea - a goodybag with a very small number of texts/mins + a small daily internet usage would suit me.

by ryanjamiescott on ‎22-07-2011 14:02

Personally I think the £10 goodybag is great although sometimes I may be forced onto the £15 one due to me running out of minutes. I think the unlimited internet should stay on the £10 + goodybags as internet is now essential in life and as more and more apps etc require it to function then O2, GG, 3, Vodafone and all the others should get their finger out and get the networks upgraded to allow it to cope with the trends.


Why is Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales always behind the Americans and the Chinese !!!


Come on get a move on with 4G and bigger data allowances although I like the 100mb per day unlimited £10 goodybag one.




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