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Introduce a goodybag for less than £10 which includes data

Status: Not For Us
by joepowell3 on ‎12-07-2011 13:48

I know this is not a new idea, but since giffgaff are now charging people (who are not on a goodybag worth £10 or more) for data I feel this needs to be reconsidered.


I have spoken to Vincent about introducing a monthly data cap, and his response was positive.


Based on the fact that for over a year giffgaff have been giving each of their customers 100mb EVERY DAY FOR FREE (this equatres to approx. 3000mb per month), I think that a relatively small monthly data cap could set on goodybags under £10.


Maybe a goodybag for £7.50 could be implemented which includes unlimited texts and 250mb (I mean 250mb to be used throughout the entire month, this is not a daily limit).


In my opinion, I think that many people (including myself)  who currently buy £5 goodybags will start buying this goodybag instead which will obviously result in more income for giffgaff.


Please give kudos if you think that introducing a goodybag with a small monthly data cap would be a step in the right direction for giffgaff. Thanks.

Status: Not For Us
Nice idea however because of concerns over how complicated this would be system wise and the fact we will be having data only goodybags we felt it wasn't suitable.

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