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Loyalty Bonus

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by lisafone on ‎19-04-2012 13:56

As we all know the mobile market is really competitive.


To ensure GiffGaff retention how about a yearly loyalty bonus paid on the anniversary of joining.


It could work out that each member gets 5% back on what they have spent.


i.e. yearly spend £100 so the member gets £5 back.


It could be paid like the payback.


This way it encourages people to stay all the yera and also the more they spend the bigger payback they get back.....

Status: Idea Vault

Sorry but similar ideas have been suggested and a variant on this idea

We've already implemented several ways in which to earn bonus. One is by participating in the community. Two is by sending out emails to your friends, recommending giffgaff. And three is by giving a sim to your friends and getting them to sign up as well. At the moment, we feel this is sufficient.


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