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Modify the swear filter

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by stephenmiller on ‎17-12-2011 19:28

As you have undoubtably seen when a swear word is detected it is replaced with a **bleep**. Now I think this is unsightly and suggest that we replace the **bleep** with something much more pleasant, I propose twpo options, the first is to use a smiley emoticon instead i=of te offending word. Observe


Giffgaff is completely **bleep** and all you **bleep**ers are **bleep**




Giffgaff is completely :smileyhappy: and all you :smileyhappy:ers are :smileyhappy:


Which is much nicer :smileyhappy:


Another possibility is to replace the offending word with a much nicer word like buttercup or snowflake, as the swear filter is just a bunch of macros a different word can be allocated to each offending word.


Hope you like my idea





Status: Idea Vault

Close enough to this one to be a duplicate I think :smileyhappy:


which is under consideration :smileyhappy:

by jackiechanman on ‎18-12-2011 22:49
How about making the replacements seasonal? :smileyhappy: so now it's Christmas time, swear words could be replaced by words like 'snowflake', 'bauble' and 'Christmas tree'. Or spring could be things like 'daffodils' and 'rabbits' :smileyhappy:
by bertiebat ‎18-12-2011 23:21 - edited ‎18-12-2011 23:25

@jackiechanman I was thinking on the same lines as I quite like this alternative to the original idea and if the change could be made to make it changeable then it would be good. :smileyhappy:


I'm going to add this idea to the original so that it might be considered.

by nicki29392 on ‎19-12-2011 16:54

It's really true how the **bleep** thing actually makes the post seem a bit aggressive to be honest :/ anything to make the posts look a bit more positive with the smilies :smileyhappy: it would also make it not as obvious that these people were using swear words or offensive words. Just looks like they like using lots of :smileyhappy:

by stephenmiller on ‎19-12-2011 23:34

Rather amazingly this idea only had 4 kudos before it was marked as a duplicate and has gotten an extra 10 since, I don't understand that.

by welshdragon92 on ‎20-12-2011 05:05
+1 I like this :-)

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