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by emmybear on ‎19-04-2012 14:29

Okay so I found out about giffgaff about a year ago. I told a few friends about it and one of them joined. Apart from them and my family nobody I know knows what giffgaff is. The other day I was watching tele and I was shocked to see a giffgaff advert. It was nice to see that giffgaff is advertising on a broader horizon. However, (I don't mean to offend giffgaff) I don't think the advert is a very good one. The advert I saw was a guy doing the cinnamon challenge and coughing onto the screen then it just say giffgaff. The advert doesn't do the company justice. Giffgaff has amazing value and this paired with the £5 free credit definitely caught my eye. So why isn't this included in the advert? Come on giffgaff, if you've got it, why not flaunt it. Other networks are always so keen to tell everyone about their deals which, lets face it, aren't very good. I think the community should do a vote or just make some simple suggestions on what would make the advert stand out. The community here are great and help new customers out a lot, so why not include something on the advert about the community? You could even have something simple like a group of people laughing together and say something about how the cheap prices and good community bring people together. 


Come on guys! Get your creative juices flowing! 


Please give kudos if you like the idea.



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