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New goodybags and some free data

Status: Implemented
by englishbeer ‎15-04-2010 10:28 - edited ‎15-04-2010 10:45

Vote for this idea if you would like GiggGaff to add the following to their data announcement.


A £5 goodybag data bundle which would cover users who don't talk or text much, but use quite a lot of data


A £20 and £25 goodybags which is the same as GiffGaffs £10 and £15 goodybags, but with more minutes.


A small amount of free data each day or over three months after top up (like Three) for true PAYG users who only make a few calls, texts and check emails etc.





Status: Implemented
We've now implemented a £20 goodybag.
by stevand on ‎18-05-2011 12:44

I would just like to say, I also like the idea of a data only bundle as I pretty much only use my phone for the internet. Saying that, however, it's not like the £10 per moth goodbag is exactly expensive.

by anamanoel on ‎06-02-2012 11:19

I love the idea of a data only bundle. 


A £5 goodybag with unlimited data, or limited.


I'd really like to see this goodybag available soon.  


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