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Notice period

Status: Not For Us
by aandms on ‎09-03-2011 10:56
I think a 28 day notice period should be put in place for any changes giffgaff make to our service. Free web was extended with a few days notice and people complained they had qued a bag which is fair enough as you cant always get to a pc. Were not on contract but it would be nice to know we get a bit of notice before things change. Another example is the current labs bag ends in 22 days, or its meant to but may stay or a new one may replace it, with 28 days notice we would know by now and would also make giffgaff look more organised. So it should be put in the t&c's that we will get at least 28 days notice on changes to the service.
Status: Not For Us

Hi all,

This is unfortunately unsuitable for us. We are happy to make a commitment to everyone that, wherever possible, we will give as much notice as as we can. However, in an online world 28 days is very long. Things move very quickly and we need to be able to do the same.

On a change that affects you negatively we will look at giving a 28 days notice period.

But for changes that affect everyone positively we want to continue to move quickly. New products, amendments to goodybags (adding extra minutes etc.), labs, positive changes to the services and processes and so on, we want to continue to move as fast as we can, when we can.

Also on some products or promotions, we would give competitive advantage if we were to announce what we were going to do beforehand.


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