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Offer insensitive to mark as solution

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by rudolf on ‎24-04-2012 23:42

I had a wee search and found not a lot so hopefully this hasn't been suggested before...


Basically I'm tired of seeing answered threads not with a green tick next to them. My idea is that you offer the user asking the question maybe 50 points for marking as a correct solution. A notice could also be put at the top of the thread for the OP stating, "To gain 50 points please, choose the best answer as the right solution."


Admittedly the problem you could face is people just posting questions to get points, but I don't think many people would try and play the system this way (it would take ages to get a decent amount of points) but it could quite easily be monitored and obvious if it did happen.


Lets me know what ya all think

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