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Option to like someone's post in Off-Topic

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by chippanfat ‎23-02-2012 13:22 - edited ‎23-02-2012 13:22

I've noticed that there's no option to 'like' a comment in Off-Topic. It's easy enough to post a comment to say you agree, but multiple posts of the same comment just to say you agree with someone would fill up the page quite easily.

It's a relatively simple idea - Kudos aren't available in Off-Topic. So, can a function be implemented to allow users to 'like' or 'agree' with someone's comment in Off-Topic? The 'likes' won't count towards anything, but they'll just be an indicator of who else agrees with a poster's comment.


Edit: Spelling.

Status: Idea Vault

This idea is waiting on more support, so please kudos the ORIGINAL idea for giffgaff to review :smileyhappy:


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