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Payback points not only for credit.

Status: Implemented
by ukrides ‎01-03-2010 21:08 - edited ‎01-03-2010 21:09

I think it will be great if we could spend out giffgaff payback points on giffgaff items not only credit for example


  • 1500-2000 points = giffgaff hoodie :smileyvery-happy:
  • 600-1000 points= giffgaff t-shirt
    • 1000 points= giffgaff slippers :smileytongue:
    • 500 points= giffgaff mug



So a hoodie would be £15-£20 and mug £5. I personally think this would be awesome and make me want to get more payback points as credits good but eventually I wont need that much credit :smileytongue: Also it will spread giffgaff more :smileyvery-happy:




Status: Implemented
This has been implemented in the form of the giffgaff shop - due to it's huge success, we should be seeing a comeback :smileyhappy: Thank you for the great idea!
by lisapip on ‎02-06-2013 22:55

It gets my vote.

by sophiecowell1 on ‎19-12-2014 05:27
This it is an good idea
by sophiecowell1 on ‎19-12-2014 05:29
But I wouldent buy them as I don't need clothes or mugs so I wouldent want any

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