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Premium SMS Bar

Status: Implemented
by kaz dabbler ‎18-03-2010 18:06 - edited ‎18-03-2010 18:43

Could we have the facility to bar Premium Rate SMS messages from our accounts?   Then hopefully there will be no more lengthy threads about who is to blame for charges.


So there's no confusion:  I'm asking for an optional bar

Status: Implemented
You can request, via the ask an agent option, to bar the following: * Roaming Bar * Bar GPRS (incl MMS) * Adult Content (websites) * Premium & International Bar The Premium & International Bar is under one header and we can't separate the two. So if you bar Premium rate numbers, you will also be barring calls to international numbers. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Cheers, Vincent
by ryan4227 on ‎18-03-2010 18:22

Yeah do agree or atleast have the option to allow or dissallow them in your acount

by dangaff on ‎23-03-2010 13:20

Yes - I'd like that too - especially as it seems some apps ask for SMS registration, and might use premium SMS without notifying of charge.


Ideally, as well as option to block completely as suggested, be great to also offer option where if premium SMS is sent, then gg block this, send user a SMS advising that premium SMS has been sent, what the charge would be, and asking for confirmation whether or not to send.  If user replies 'yes', then the premium SMS gets sent - and gg have users confirmation of accepting known charge for this - so no quibbles by unhappy users against gg.

by jonmd on ‎23-03-2010 13:52

Seems like a good idea. Maybe might want to bar premium rate numbers too, especially if  setting up an account for one of your children.

by simon69c motivator ‎23-03-2010 16:36 - edited ‎23-03-2010 16:37

You can add a bar for premium rate numbers already - just request it via the Ask an agent link.  See this support page for details.  An option to bar incoming premium SMS would be handy though (assuming this isn't already covered).

by paul_shirley on ‎31-03-2010 15:02

Does this bar incoming reverse charge SMS or just outgoing calls and SMS?



by kaz dabbler on ‎01-04-2010 09:13

Can you clarify this please Vincent?  What I was asking for was a way to bar Incoming premium rate SMS - including those which you can be signed up for other than by SMS from your phone (eg - someone else entering your number at a website - one of the claims made on the original lengthy threads from MJ).  Which one of those bars above would guarantee no premium rate SMS could be received?

by vincent on ‎01-04-2010 11:53

We can only set bars on a handset basis. So it is a bar at sim level, in the sense of what the sim does (action). What you are now asking for is a network bar. Which is a different story and something that would affect all customers.


This is not something we currently have in our roadmap of development, but certainly something I will flag internally for you.




by giffgaff Educator on ‎17-06-2013 10:39

Hey Endorphin, I know it's definitely there, as before we mixed it up with 'block numbers' - and members thought you could block unwanted numbers.


I think it's along with bloacking roaming and other types of blocks when it comes to the agent form.


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