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Reinstate O2 shops lifting giffgaff adult restrictions

Status: Not For Us
by rochessel on ‎26-02-2012 14:49
Not everyone feels comfortable typing in their passport details or driving licence over the net or to giffgaff.<br><br>Popping into your local O2 shop may have been the safer option.<br>I have also noticed many people seem to be struggling when they do actually try to type in their details that the system is just not accepting it!<br>And getting an agent to help is not always that easy! So having the option to stroll in your local O2 shop was a good option for many.<br><br>Please consider reinstating this :smileywink:
Status: Not For Us
Unfortunately we can't - we're two separate entities and we don't have the capability to ask this of a different company, Thanks for contributing to the Ideas Board :smileyhappy: I look forward to seeing your future ideas!

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