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SETTINGS to 2020

Status: Implemented
by tiptoeee96 on ‎28-06-2012 10:35
Hello :smileyhappy: I did search, sorry if this is duplicated.

At the moment, when you send the text 'SETTINGS' to 2020, and it doesn't work, you get the following response: 'We are having trouble dealing
with your request.
gg_blackberry has info about setting up
your phone wth mobile internet and
picture messaging.'

This gives the impression that giffgaff have detected your handset is a BlackBerry, yet this is isn't always the case. As a result, some of the new members think they need to buy the BB AddOn when they don't even own a BB. Understandably, they can become a bit frustrated.

My idea is to remove the last sentence from that text, and change it to something like: 'Try asking the community for help setting up your phone: ', and make this a standard text for every phone. The community will then point them in the right direction.

This would hopefully mean that setting up their phone initially would be less confusing, as well as directing them to the community rather than the agents. It could also give a better impression of giffgaff, as it doesn't look like they've incorrectly guessed which phone you use.

A small thing, but just a thought.
Any comments/suggestions/constructive criticism welcome :smileyhappy:
Status: Implemented
Update 11/12/2012: Implemented!
by eddnoon on ‎28-06-2012 18:32

is your device a bb?


when i did mine (and i didnt have a bb) it didnt mention bb

by bluemoonbaz on ‎23-09-2012 00:10
Agreed neil but if this is what it takes so be it ..supported

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