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Send SMS From "My giffgaff"

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by bonzer on ‎15-08-2010 18:38

Could you implement a feature to send an SMS via a web form from "My giffgaff" or similar please? Some other mobile carriers offer this.


It's just more convenient to send a text with a full keyboard when I'm near a PC. It would be particularly handy if you could stay logged in on a cookie, so you could keep the web form bookmarked without having to type a password. It would also need a phone book feature for frequently used numbers to be useful.


Would be even better if it was a fraction cheaper since you don't have to accept the message from the network :-)



by plarkster on ‎16-08-2010 09:14

Thanks nixgeek, yeah that must have been it and there's another thread linked there too.


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