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Sim not activated text message.

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by 1hale on ‎14-03-2012 13:22
Firstly read the thread below

That is just one of many threads that get started almost daily by newbies thinking that just because they have inserted the sim into their phones and got a signal and in most cases received a text from 2020 with internet settings in it, then the sim has been activated.

It is then only after about 10 replies that the newbie then makes a slip up and informs us that they have not topped up yet that we realize they HAVE NOT yet activated.

So what I propose is this.

All new sim cards once inserted into a phone send out a signal to giffgaff informing them the sim card has a signal.

Then giffgaff/O2 send out the internet settings 2020 text.

As well as that text why not send out another text saying:

"Your sim card is not yet fully active. To activate visit and click the activate a sim link. Remember during the activation process you will be required to to up minimum £10"

Or words to that effect.

What do you guy's and gal's think???
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by rlproper on ‎16-03-2012 00:56
How about a PM to each new community account with the same info? Followed by a "you have successfully activated your SIM" message as soon as that happens. I presume that this would not be technically possible though, as several ideas designed to spot members with inactive SIMs, have been rejected as not possible.
by as7861 on ‎15-06-2012 11:22
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by giffgaff Educator on ‎09-01-2014 11:58
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