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Stop Kudos'ing On Duplicates/ Unsuitable

Status: Idea Vault
by ryaneberry on ‎22-12-2011 23:27

I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet but someone probably has. My idea is to stop the ability of posting Kudos when an idea has been marked Duplicate or Unsuitable. I have seen some ideas with the judos button made unclickable, so I am not completely sure what the case is at the moment...





Status: Idea Vault
by ryaneberry on ‎24-05-2012 11:29

Thanks Hazel, looking forward to seeing an update

by sydbrazil1 on ‎17-07-2012 17:50
as7861 (grand master) Dec 22 maybe auto locking duplicates, don't know about not suitable as their is ideas that are marked as not suitable for not have got enough support. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I agree with this, I think the duplicate idea should be automatically redirected to the original. This means that kudos don't get put on duplicate idea & are input on original idea.
by osmaabida on ‎17-07-2012 17:59
+1kudo - this should be implemented
by sydbrazil2 on ‎17-07-2012 18:30
Congrats ryanberry, You've reached 10kudos
by giffgaff Educator on ‎09-01-2014 11:53
Status changed to: Idea Vault

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