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Texts and data for £5/month

Status: Not For Us
by aks782 ‎15-04-2010 00:44 - edited ‎15-04-2010 23:02

I propose another bundle [which i know will make things a little complicated], if you agree I urge you to Kudos the idea to express your view:smileyhappy:

£5/Month =  texts [limited to 500]  +  data  [limited to 150MB-200MB] 


GG your bundle announcement has deeply upset me today. I am a person who moderately texts, and due to your free data until 25 May have become an addict to email on the go. Reading through 9 pages of comments on your announcement page I believe there are some people who would also like this idea. I know some people are laughing at me now, saying just go for the £10/month deal you stingy **censorship required** , but you see I am a student who sadly cannot afford such luxuries in life:smileysad::smileysad::smileysad:


new addition: looking at some more threads this morning, some people what a light package like the one above but with calls as well. The reason why i havent included calls because we would only likely to get around 20-50 mins, which is useless:/ 

Status: Not For Us
Hi all, it is simply not posiible for us to offer a £5 (or lower) internet bundle as it would cost us more than the initial £5 we'd get from you. Data is still really quite expensive to the networks, as it is something that is still being heavily invested in (the networks themselves) which pushing the price itself up. Because of this cost, and the added texts within this proposed bundle, it makes this idea unsuitable.

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