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by ryaneberry ‎21-02-2012 18:05 - edited ‎21-02-2012 18:45

I have a couple of ideas that I couldnt see suggested already, and thought i'd save a bit of space by combining them:


Idea 1: If you get a reply to a query on ask an agent, then you could be notified by an email - great - however the email only says your first name, i currently have 3 different accounts and this can be really confusing if you have more than one query on the go. So perhaps just include your username that it appliess to as i never know which account it is reffering to.


Idea 2: A button to order all your SIMs for the month - you know why - it takes ages. (I was supprised not to see this when I searched so i dont hold out much hope for this). So just a button saying 'Order all  of my remaining SIMs for the month' or something like that.


Giffgaff Idea Screenshot.png


EDIT: Included a very quick animation of what the ideas could look like.





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