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Where did I get my kudos !?!

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by iphone_user on ‎30-12-2011 13:43



While i was looking at my kudos and i was wondering which boards i got them from, and how mant i had from the ideas board. So after all morning i couldnt find anything like this.


So when you go to your public stats, you get this page;





Now this is what i think it should be like.; See that there is now a like;




                                                                                        ! See the link above !


Now this is where the link should take you, this is the page where you sewe where you got your kudos;





See it shows where you got your kudos, the last ones you got at the top, Now this is what i think would be good;





Now i think this would be great as it would be intresting to see where you got your kudos from. Also you could click on the board, lets say "Ideas" . You could then see the posts. 


May not be that hard, but would be so cool.




P.s. This took 2 hours in paint ! , Plus im not that good at paint!?! ;-)


Nice to see if you like this or not.


Status: Idea Vault
This is already possible :smileyhappy:
by giffgaff Educator on ‎11-03-2012 22:41
Status changed to: Idea Vault
This is already possible :smileyhappy:

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