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by geohot on ‎23-09-2012 17:49

How about a live chat feature? A little box on the bottom right which lets you live chat with other members.. If you're active on the community, you'll be on the list. Also the higher your rank is the higher up you'd be on the list. This would be amazing to help out people instantly :smileyhappy:?

I think it'd be pretty easy to implement, why not?

by alecalexandrou on ‎23-09-2012 18:10

This would be good if kept within the PM system only.

Anything else in the forum is and should be accessable to the public at large.

by shaunawilliams on ‎07-01-2013 15:57
Hi I wanth to know if it's possible set up the giff gaff SIM card with a voucher and not a debit card
by lilith4silence on ‎14-05-2013 11:50

Hello there! Text, calls and mobile data don't work on my giffgaff...i kept my number from o2 and activated the sim card yesterday... can you help me?

by marieauld on ‎03-06-2013 18:44
Hi I topped up my phone on Saturday recieved an email said it was successful but I can't use my phone for ringing can you Help please.
by andreww on ‎07-03-2014 19:42

Please note that questions won't be answered in this thread. For help you should start a new thread in the Help & Support section :smileywink:

by vera12 on ‎16-03-2015 12:02

hi,can eany one tell me how long it takes for my top up gose on my phone affter changen my bank ditils its been 2 days now.allso is there a live chat


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