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by think_of_tomoro on ‎20-04-2012 19:08

Hi all,


I have seen the advert on the giffgaff community about the giffgaff shop opening in a couple of days and then found this thread about the shop:


After reading this I thought that giffgaff could have a "giffgaff shop forum" in the community where people can put posts just about the shop on topics like "merchandise ideas", "payment" or thing like "updates from the giffgaff team in the shop" or "service updates for the giffgaff shop" if something was to go wrong. (which hopefully it wont!)


This could be a good idea as people would be able to spread their thoughts on the giffgaff shop all in one place, find out whats going on in the giffgaff shop, or other things like suggest improvements for the giffgaff shop and pretty much anything related to the future giffgaff shop!


This may not be implementable by the 23rd April, when the week long shop will be active, but from the thread above it is stated that there probably will be a permanent shop in the future and this "giffgaff shop" forum idea could come into play for when/if the permanent shop or any other temporary shops open on the giffgaff website.


Here is a quick picture I made of what it could look like:


Forum Idea.png


Kudos if you like! :smileyhappy:


Status: Idea Vault
Sorry but due to the ammount of forum/sub forum ideas i am marking this as a duplicate but please read the remarks regarding any new forum in the link , after reading the comments ,and bearing in mind if the shop does become perminant this idea will certainly be within the criteria for a section of its own And thanks for posting good luck with it

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