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1 June 2015 sees the launch of a radically revised Payback system which it is hoped will vastly improve the quality and caliber of the answers on the, 'Help & Support' platform.

It is sincerely felt that by rewarding knowledgeable members with the new enhanced graduated payback scheme which will see payments of up to £85 (+£15 regular) a month given to high quality answers posted by boni-fidi members.

One of the main criteria for achieving enhanced payback under the new system is getting the OP to set a Best Answer (BA) for the question they posted. The more BA's the more payback earnt.

The puzzle that exists is that for some reason a lot of OP 's fail on a number of occasions to set BA despite reminders. Educators do their best to rectify this by reviewing answers on threads and in default setting BA's which in their opinion reach the required standard of quality. This is all time and energy intensive and not ideal.

How do we encourage say newcomers, for example, to routinely set a BA, so it is second nature to them?

My solution is this, once the the OP sets a BA to their question the OP will automatically receive a higher ranking along side their giffgaff username. There would be a cap on how many improved ranks in a month, any OP would
be allowed to gain, perhaps five ranks at most. This idea would not cost giffgaff a penny it would merely be a fast-track to improving your rank, at the same time rewarding the BA who would benefit by potentially receiving extra payback and freeing up Educator's time,, for their
other roles including their encouragement of newcomers to join in and contribute to the community.

1 free goody bag a year

Status: New Idea
by mawdge on ‎27-05-2015 00:04

if you top up your phone or buy a goodybag every month it would be good if giffgaff would give you a free goodybag after a year of top ups each month to say thank you for staying with them

There are times when you want callers to hear your voicemail greeting but you don't want them to have the ability to leave a message. For example, if you're outside the UK and contactable on another phone number, then you might want to use your voicemail greeting to tell callers your phone number abroad, but you don't want callers to be able to leave you a message. There should be a simple setting within the voicemail settings to enable or disable the ability for callers to leave a message.


When I was on Orange, they offered this; they called it an "extended absence greeting". Giffgaff should offer the same functionality.


Note that this is totally different from dialling 1616 and 1626 to enable or disable voicemail. If you disable voicemail, then callers won't hear your greeting.

So after the recent problems with the website. It has I'm sure come to everyones attention that when the website isn't working we only have a thread to update us however the problem I had was also effecting my ability to get on the community to read the thread so I propose if a situation like this should arise again. That giffgaff also send the updates on issues out by text. This would keep us all in the loop on problems even if we are unable to access the community like I couldn't. There were also a lot of posts of people asking why they couldn't top up etc so if everyone was informed of issues by text this would also hopefully cut down on these texts. As well as people who just plain don't use the forums and were trying to top up if we all got a text of service issues as well as an updates they would be kept in the loop too.

So what do you think?

international goody bags

Status: New Idea
by laurynh on ‎25-05-2015 14:20
Vodafone have a deal called "Eurotraveller" where you can use data roaming abroad in Europe for £3 a day (there is a world wide one but it is more expensive) and you don't get charged when it is not being used. I think giffgaff should offer a deal like this one as it is another reason why people would want to use their service. Many people don't use roaming due to the high prices per mb and I think this would be benificial not only to the customers, but to giffgaff as it is highly requested and many people would use this service :smileyhappy:

Increasingly the competition has come closer to giffgaff offering and in fact in may cirumstances have beaten  the goodybags on offer. The market now is fierce. I would like Giffgaff to regularly review its goodybags on a monthly basis that we are indeed getting the best prices they can offer given to this fierce competition.


Some if not all these offerings are beating giffgaff hands down and we all want the cheapest as possible around.


Kingdom Mobile on EE



Kingdom £5550 minutes to other UK networksUnlimited texts to other UK networks1 GB Data UsageUnlimited calls and texts from Kingdom to Kingdom.

To buy Kingdom 5 send TEXT/SMS with Bundle NAT5 to 1244
Kingdom £101000 minutes to other UK networksUnlimited texts to other UK networksUnlimited Data UsageUnlimited calls and texts from Kingdom to Kingdom.

To buy Kingdom10 send TEXT/SMS with Bundle NAT10 to 1244
Kingdom £202000 minutes to other UK networksUnlimited texts to other UK networksUnlimited Data Usage




Asda Mobile 




100 mins

2000 texts

100MB data



300 mins

Unlimited texts

500MB data



600 mins

Unlimited texts

1GB data



1000 mins

Unlimited texts

2GB data


Vectone Mobile on  EE




Unlimited Texts Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Data £10



Delight Mobile on EE






500 UK Minutes

Unlimited UK Texts

2000MB Data

Unlimited Delight to Delight





Unlimited UK Minutes

Unlimited UK Texts

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Delight to Delight


As you can see the market is fighting now and I do feel the goodybags on GG could be better. If they had monthly reviews and actually compare with the REAL market not just the ones they want to match like o2 EE and Vodafone you would keep more custom



Inviting people to threads

Status: New Idea
by stephenmiller ‎27-05-2015 00:04 - edited ‎27-05-2015 00:14

I was on a Discourse forum today and one of the many briiliant features it has is the ability to invite other people to the topic. You can do this now in a hockey way way with an @ mention but that's not a clean way of doing it. The ability to invite other users to a topic would be great for promoting content as well as announcements from giffgaff.


I know not if Lithium supports this feature or not, it's hard to pin down Lithiums features in any specifics because they're mostly hidden unless you're a customer of theirs but if this is I think it'd be a good engagement tool.


Implementation-wise you'd probably be concerned with being spammed, assuming that giffgaffs gamification overhaul will mean implementing Lithium badges it could be done in the same way as Discourse with the badges going towards your overall reputation, Discourse calls these user trust levels and you get perks for being more active. This is a good way to manage forum permissions and abilities.


This is all going to be limited by Lithium who tend to be a couple of years behind some of the newer forum platforms but but if it is at all possible I'd greatly appreciate it and use the heck out of it :smileyhappy:


Those benefits again:


    • If I write something I think someone would be interested in I can invite them to the topic which they might ordinarilly have missed. For instance now I was just watching a 'so bad it's good' sci-fi film called Starship Rising and was wanted to seek out @danshevik because I thought he'd be a good compatriat to talk about bad sci-fi but there's no good way of making a thread and alerting him to it.


    • Announcements from giffgaff on service issues or new features, even if it's something I've missed some other member could alert me to it if they think it'd interest me.


    • Consultations. A bulk invite sent out to all users instead of relying on emails. Notifications contained within the dashboard so they're easily visible.

I find the balance notification after a call very useful, but I don't need one after every text!  It would be great if we could choose to have them only after a call.  It's so irritating when I'm having a text conversation, especially if I'm sending long messages - they're sent as one message and received as one, so why do I need 2 or 3 notifications?!


I know this has been suggested before, but the posts I've found all seem to be quite old, and I just thought it might be worth mentioning again.  The main reason for rejection of the idea seemed to be that notifications aren't used enough, but perhaps this option might remedy that - there seem to be an awful lot of people who have turned them off for this reason, so no wonder they're underused!


What do others think?

National giffgaff day - 25th Nov.

Status: New Idea
by timwilliams25 ‎25-05-2015 22:26 - edited ‎25-05-2015 22:28

Launched on 25th November 2009 - I think the anniversary of giffgaff's birth should become a National giffgaff Day.


A feature of the day could be 1/2 price calls, texts or data useage... and for those with goodybags, then their useage would also be reduced by 50% on the National giffgaff Day.


National giffgaff Day could also be an advertising promotion leading up to the event.  For people activating a sim on National giffgaff Day they would get an extra £5 credit (on top of any additional credit they would normally be offered when activating a sim on days other than National giffgaff Day)


I realise this would come at a cost to giffgaff but could also have a positive financial effect on the number of people considering giffgaff in the lead up to Christmas, when many people buy phones - so phone sales could also go up..

Advertise Capped SIM Cards.

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy on ‎17-05-2015 21:10
Here's a idea brought to you by the bloke in the pub that I chatted to last night, don't know his name but here goes...

Currently when you do a Google search for Capped SIM Cards you get a few ads and just one result: Tesco Mobile. Well with more and more scary media reports of people being billed thousands of pounds by accidentally leaving their data switched on or using their phone abroad, why not do a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and get giffgaff up there on the results page. I'm thinking this would work the best with the £5/£7.50 goodybags at the lower end, which I've heard are much better than Tesco's similarly priced offerings. And once we have the possible new member landed on a giffgaff page, we can say something like:

"If you only buy a Goodybag, then when you run out of your allowance it will stop and not run up a bill, and if you have remaining credit, that can be used but once that runs out you will not be charged further."

"With giffgaff there are no shocking bank statements."

Hopefully this would lead to lots of new members that otherwise wouldn't have chosen giffgaff and may have moved to Tesco Mobile.

Please Vote for this idea by clicking Kudos.

Cheers :smileyhappy:

Reserve goodybags and airtime credit

Status: New Idea
by essie112mm on ‎24-05-2015 21:13

About a week ago I posted this idea on Contribute . With the website going down today and members unable to top up and feeling angry, frustrated and let down, now seems an opportune moment to post it here for your consideration.


Problem :

For various reasons, it can sometimes be impossible to top up. For example, a website issue might be responsible and like today affect many members. Or it might be an isolated problem which affects only one member, such as inability to redeem a voucher or top up using a card. Whatever the cause, this is a problem which crops up daily on the Help forum and causes delay, leading to frustration and loss of service while the problem is resolved, not to mention loss of confidence in giffgaff as a network. It can also result in loss of one’s credit  balance .  Members don’t always know this has happened until suddenly their device stops working and they discover that their recurring goodybag failed and credit has disappeared because they’ve unknowingly bought services at PAYG rates. If a failed card transaction is the issue an agent will usually have to be contacted, which might result in a delay lasting up to 24 hours before the problem is solved. Meanwhile, the member is left without service or has to top up with a voucher to buy a goodybag. This could mean topping up with more than a cost of their goodybag. For example, a £7.50 goodybag means buying a £10 voucher, which isn’t always a satisfactory outcome.


Regarding vouchers, they are notoriously troublesome and if there is no apparent reason why one can’t be redeemed it means contacting an agent. This is no help whatsoever if it’s late in the evening, agents have stopped working and someone tells you the response time is up to 24 hours.  It isn’t always possible or convenient for a member to go out and buy a second voucher. 

Another example of how this idea would solve a problem is when a member has travelled abroad thinking they can use a goodybag. With no auto top-up enabled, and in a country where a card is refused by the website, a person would also find it difficult to top up unless there is a friend or family in the UK willing or able to top up their number altruistically or text a voucher code. Someone in hospital for a long time might also find the idea useful, as might anyone living in a remote area, or a parent wanting to ensure that their child is always able to make a call.


Idea :

As a solution to the problem outlined above I am proposing that giffgaff offer reserve goodybags and reserve credit My idea is that members should be able to purchase a reserve goodybag to keep dormant on their account which has no start or expiry date. This would be in addition to any live, queued or recurring goodybags. In effect, it would be a goodybag for emergencies. 


For credit, members would be able to top up and buy reserve airtime credit. To illustrate : if someone were to top up with a £10 voucher this could be added to their account as usual or banked as reserve credit. Or if a £15 voucher were bought £10 could be added to an account and £5 banked to reserve credit.


How might the idea work in practice ?


Reserve goodybags : these could be bought at any time and started at any point using existing rules for starting a goodybag early. So if a member couldn’t top up for any reason to buy a goodybag or their recurring goodybag failed they could simply text the word RESERVE to 43430 and activate the goodybag. This might be preferable to logging in to activate the bag as it could result in confusion about the difference between starting a new goodybag early and activating a reserve goodybag. It would also bypass problems such as the one today when the website is inaccessible.


Reserve credit :


Credit would still be added to an account in the usual way by dialling 43430 to redeem a voucher or online as now. To allocate an amount to be set aside as reserve credit a method similar to the existing one for buying a goodybag from airtime credit might be employed. To redeem the credit the word CREDIT would be texted to 43430. 



Reserve credit and goodybags would not extend free giffgaff calls and texts.


 As ever, all feedback is welcome. If you think my idea has any merit please support it. 


payback for everyone

Status: New Idea
by kerensac on ‎27-05-2015 00:27

a comment that stephenmiller made on another post about people that top up every month but dont go on the comunity helping others dont get any payback but maybe they dont have internet to do that and maybe they have to borrow a friend or family members computer just to top up but should they not get a wee thank you back for being with giffgaff and topping up every month? o2 give 10% of what you top up back could giffgaff not do something like that as well, even if its 5% or whatever just a wee thank you for being with giffgaff

Another new idea

Status: New Idea
by georgew666 on ‎20-05-2015 22:16
Got another idea for you guys to consider. MINIMUM TOP UP. Why not lower the minimum top up for calling credit to £5 ? As some other networks do, dead handy if you're a bit brassick. I'm sure quite a few people will find this handy!!

Ability to EDIT Posts on Mobile Site

Status: New Idea
by 4128334 ‎19-05-2015 15:27 - edited ‎26-05-2015 22:12

As I use the Mobile Site for all my contribution to the Forum, I find it a nuisance to have to go to the Full Site to be able to edit my posts.
Is it not possible to incorporate a Edit provision on the Mobile Site?
Please excuse if this has been raised before.

Fix Default Goodybag On 3G Phones

Status: New Idea
by dylanhere ‎20-05-2015 21:33 - edited ‎20-05-2015 21:34

If you're looking at buying a phone from giffgaff, and you're not already a giffgaff customer, you have to take a goodybag to purchase a phone. However, on 3G phones, the default goodybag is 4G. While this is not completely useless, as it will be restricted to 3G only, paying the extra price for the same amount of data at the same speed is pointless. Of course you can change the goodybag yourself; not everyone will think to do this though. I think that giffgaff should make it so that the default goodybag is 3G, when trying to buy a 3G phone. Thanks.


I've created a short clip to show the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X31a4qtUKfs


Status: New Idea
by awais_khan12 on ‎25-05-2015 19:26

MY idea is that there should be a big banner alerting members of this issue on the forum. Too many repeated threads by new members make new members aware as this is seious

Announce that Labs is now live

Status: New Idea
by navvy on ‎27-05-2015 16:18

Isn't it time for an announcement that Labs has replaced this old Ideas board, and that the only way back into it is from the incorrect link on the new Experts home page.


Giffgaff Raffle

Status: New Idea
by pbaumann on ‎24-05-2015 23:29
A new phone or extra payback raffle each moth for active members on the community!

Localised Giffgaff meetings

Status: New Idea
by gsklb04 on ‎26-05-2015 16:44
Could Giffgaff please set up localised giffgaff meetings.
Every time I see one its ( London or Manchester ETC )
Would it not be nice to start having then in every city & town

payback should be explained better

Status: New Idea
by davieclarke on ‎26-05-2015 23:55

i get payback but i dont know what things it is that im doing that gives the payback wither it's posting idea's comenting on other peoples idea's me giving people kudos or other people giving me kudos or just in general chat, they should have a list of things that you have done thats giving you payback and how much payback they gave you for each of them instead of just saying helping others in community,


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