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How to giffgaff iPhones (all iOS versions)

It's easy to use your iPhone 3, 4 or 5 on giffgaff! This guide contains everything you need to know, just select the section that matches your need:


How do I get a micro SIM or a nano SIM?

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The iPhone 4 and 4S both require a micro SIM, these are slightly smaller than the normal SIM you might be used to. All new giffgaff SIM cards are 'hybrid SIMs' which contain both normal and micro SIM. 


The iPhone 5 requires a new SIM card called a nano SIM, this is smaller than a micro SIM again. If you need a nano SIM, you can order one from the Order page.  If you are an existing giffgaff members switching to the nano SIM, you can then use SIM Swap to transfer your number and credit to this new SIM.



Do I need to unlock my phone?

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Phones that work on O2 or that have been purchased from the Apple Store unlocked will work on giffgaff without unlocking. Phones from other networks will generally require unlocking unless already done.




Internet and MMS Settings

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Using the official giffgaff carrier profile 


If your iPhone is running iOS 7.1.1, you will receive a notification telling you that the giffgaff carrier settings are available. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the carrier profile.


If you did not receive this notification, you can go to your iPhone settings to reset your carrier profile.


If your iPhone is running an older version, you will have to update it to the latest version to install the carrier settings. When you upgrade iOS to a newer version, the carrier profile is reset to the latest version available during the update.




Change your carrier profile manually


If your iDevice is running an older version of iOS, it is possible to modify their internet settings with the following method.


Reset the profile of your iPhone or iPad by clicking this link to download giffgaff's carrier profile: You'll need to access this link using Safari on an Iphone; please note it won't be displayed properly on any other device.


To use it:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Come to this page and click
  • Download and install the carrier profile
  • Reset your 3G connection

This will replace your current profile with giffgaff's Internet settings, including the parameters which can't be modified manually (e.g. proxy settings). MMS settings must be modified manually, see below.




Manual update of MMS Settings


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Cellular (or Mobile)
  3. Go to Cellular Data (or Mobile Data)
  4. Under MMS, enter the MMS SETTINGS below
  5. Switch mobile data off and on



MMS Settings



  • APN -
  • Username - giffgaff
  • Password - leave blank
  • MMSC -
  • MMS Proxy -
  • MMS Max Message Size - 2097152
  • MMS UA Prof URL - leave blank




N.B. MMS will NOT work unless 3G is ON. (Settings > General > Network) Make sure Enable 3G is set to ON





Models using these settings

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The following devices use these settings:




  • iPhone - Manual method
  • iPhone 3G, 3GS -  - Manual method
  • iPhone 4, 4S - Automated method
  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S - Automated method




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A) Setting up your voicemail, see this article about voicemail


B) Visual voicemail - sorry we don't have Visual Voicemail, however there are alternatives such as Hullomail


C) If you would prefer to get notification by text, see this guide below:


Voicemail can be confusing on iPhone if you don't change the settings. You get a red blob on your Voicemail icon, but you can't use the Voicemail button to pick up your messages, you have to dial 443.


UPDATE: IOS 7.1.1 Now supports the voicemail icon and it is now programmed to dial 443 - if your iphone is using IOS 7.1.1 the red blob indicates new voicemail and you can tap the voicemail icon and access your voicemail.  For earlier versions of IOS, setting up text notifications is recommended:-


How to set up text notifications and avoid the red blob:


1.) Call 443
2.) Press * to get to the main menu

3.) Press 4 for Mailbox Settings

4.) Press 1 for Notification options

5.) Press 1 to enable text notification 


Now, when you get a voicemail, instead of the red blob you'll get a text like this, and you can just click "Call" to pick it up:





What's even cleverer is that if you get more than one voicemail, this text will update itself to say "2 new messages", "3 new messages", etc. You'll never see a big long list of texts here - just one, with the latest count of voicemails. Very neat.


Extra tip - if you add 443 to your Contacts, you can even set a custom tone so that voicemails sound different to texts (iOS 5 & higher only).




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Many iPhones on giffgaff have a problem where when you send messages to some people, your old number appears rather than your new one. There is an easy fix for this.


 1) Go to Settings

 2) Go to Messages

 3) Switch iMessage OFF

 4) Once it's switched off, turn it back ON again.

 5) Wait for it to finish activating iMessage

 6) Go to Settings

 7) Go to Phone

 8) Check that the number under "My Number" is correct,  if not, change it

 9) Reboot your phone (switch the phone off and then on again)


Your messages should now display the correct number.



giffgaff App

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Check out the official My giffgaff app. This handy app lets you manage your giffgaff account on the fly.You can download it from iTunes, just follow the link: My giffgaff for IOS. Please note: You cannot use the app to install internet settings for iOS devices


Handy links

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How to giffgaff iPhones (all iOS versions)

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