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Can I change my Mobile Number?


Can I change my Mobile Number?


Yes you can, but if it's due to nuisance calls we'd advise you to let us know so we can investigate it further.


If they are Premium Rate Services, you can stop them by texting "STOP" to the shortcode number of these services. 

Alternatively, please contact an agent. Select the categories "Mobile Services" and then "Preventing unwanted calls".  Select "Incoming" and give us details about the calls you are receiving. We will then prevent Premium Services from calling or texting you.

If you just want to change your number we can do that also, but please don't ask us to change your number every week! To do so, you can use the same form and click 'Yes' next to 'Do you wish to have your number changed? Please make sure to detail your situation as much as possible, and to state if you want to bar the selected calls after we change your number.




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Can I change my Mobile Number?

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