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How do I top-up using a giffgaff top-up voucher?


How do I top-up using a giffgaff top-up voucher?


Topping-up your giffgaff balance with a voucher is easy, just follow the guide.






Purchasing a top-up voucher

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Giffgaff vouchers can be bought in most shops providing epay, payzone or paypoint services. Don't know where to find one of these shops near you? check this article for more details. You can also find them in Post Offices.


If you can't find a giffgaff voucher at your favourite shop, you can get an O2 voucher, they also work. If you buy a voucher for O2, make sure to follow the steps described in the next sections, and not those printed on the voucher itself.




Redeeming a top-up voucher

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The voucher can be redeemed from your giffgaff mobile, or online.


From your mobile

Call  43430 for free with your giffgaff phone and follow the voice prompts along the way.



  1. Log in and head to Top-up 
  2. Click on Redeem a voucher to load the top-up by voucher page
  3. Enter your voucher's 16 digits code in the field - if the code is rejected, see here how to solve it.
  4. Click on "Redeem". 

Please note that top-up vouchers can take up to24 hours to be applied to your account balance. 





Buying a goodybag using a top-up voucher

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When you have redeemed your voucher and it is credited to your balance, you are then able to use this airtime credit to buy a goodybag.

To purchase a goodybag (or a gigabag), just follow these very easy steps and you'll be on your way in no time!


  1. Log in 
  2. Go to the "Top-up" section of the website 
  3. Select the goodybag you wish to buy and click on the corresponding "Add to basket" button. If you need the BlackBerry add-on, be sure to add it at this point. 
  4. Tick the " Tick here to pay from your airtime balance" box in "My basket"
  5. Click on "Continue". 
  6. Verify your purchase - Once a goodybag is active it can't be cancelled.
  7. Confirm your purchase

All done.





Activating your SIM using a top-up voucher



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You can also use a voucher to activate your new SIM. During the SIM activation, you'll be prompted to the top-up page, where you can select to redeem your voucher.


The top-up steps are similar to those described in the section above, just click on Redeem a Voucher in "If you have a Voucher".


Once this first top-up has been done online, you'll be able to redeem your next vouchers with your mobile phone.





Solving issues with vouchers



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If you still have troubles using a top-up voucher after reading this article, you can find explanations on the resolution of known issues on this article.


This section will tell you what to do when your voucher code is presented as invalid, or when the system tells you it has already been used.








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How do I top-up using a giffgaff top-up voucher?

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