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5Gb and 7Gb Giggabags

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by blackberrychav13 on ‎12-02-2012 09:39
As those Giggabags are compatible with dongles and mifi. Well why don't we have 5Gb and 7Gb that way you can give 3 UK a run for it's money maybe even a 15Gb if anyone can pull it off it's GiffGaff. Let me know guys
by idrisdragon on ‎12-02-2012 11:22

Depends on the demand and the price.

by blackberrychav13 on ‎12-02-2012 11:25
I know if they can pull off 3Gb for £12.50 then its easy £2.50 cheaper than the other networks
by andreww on ‎12-02-2012 11:30
by andreww on ‎12-02-2012 11:34
The original of this idea has over the 10 kudos required, so I imagine giffgaff will be announcing their decision soon. Seems a good way to increase revenues, if the demand is there :smileyhappy:
by blackberrychav13 on ‎12-02-2012 11:35
I totally agree if I had known that other thread existed I wouldn't have posted mine lol
by andreww on ‎12-02-2012 11:37
@blackberrychav3 - no worries even the best of us have suggested a duplicate idea before :smileywink:. Always worth searching first to make sure it's a unique idea :smileyhappy:
by blackberrychav13 on ‎12-02-2012 11:43
I feel like a right noob and this blackberry internet I don't understand why it aint working mine's working perfectly ??? So I best see what I can do this so I might aswell abandon this thread lol

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