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by aandms on ‎21-11-2010 15:43
Every mo nth giffgaff should give the most helpful member a top goodybag free. The top 5 members that solved the most problems and earned the most kudos would be listed and we vote on the winner. Some people on here are far more useful than a customer service advisor with links to everything, knowledge of the company and knowledge of phones and technical problems. We have payback but anyone can get that, think of it more of an employee of the month type of reward a way for the most helpful to be thanked.
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by bollam92 on ‎21-11-2010 16:40

It would cost 240 pounds a year for them, if the top goodybag remains the 20p one. Or if they make a 25p one, it will be 300 pounds a year. This would make the payback prices drop I think.

by aandms on ‎21-11-2010 16:46
Not really it saves them millions a year in call center fees

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