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A possible solution to the 'Giffgaff cut my internet' debate

Status: Not For Us
by syorksdeano on ‎20-03-2012 20:54

Firstly thanks to darrenpainter for bringing this term and condition up from an Irish network, but I wonder if it would work on gifgfaff as a 'fair usage guide' to finally stop people complaining that giffgaff have suspended someones internet due to excessive use.


Irish mobile network are a network similar to the way giffgaff operate (and are also owned by Telefonica).  Now in their part of their terms and conditions state:


18.1 The fair use threshold for standard hourly internet options is 2.5GB per option purchased.


Now if you are streaming radio or tv you 'may' just get about 2gb per hour (with tv maybe a bit more but not that much).  Now surely if you are downloading more than this in just an hour then you are doing a lot more than using your handset for mobile internet.


Could giffgaff put something similar to this in their terms and conditions?  From what I can see nothing like this is stated.


This would then give customers some rough idea on what their limit would be before their account will be flagged as excessive use.

Status: Not For Us
A nice idea, but we're more happy with the route that we have taken.
by syorksdeano on ‎20-03-2012 21:10



Its not asking the end user to control this, but it is to give a rough idea to people what the limit is before giffgaff will look at taking action.  


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