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Accept American Express Cards

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by danielhaden on ‎23-12-2010 12:35

I currently have an American Express card and would love to pay via this method through GiffGaff online.


At present, I have to go into a store that accepts American Express and obtain an eVoucher.


If GiffGaff were to accept American Express, this would open up opportunity for a larger customer base, and particularly target those customers that have potentially more affluent/wealthy backgrounds to use GiffGaff.


Many may think American Express cardholders would not use GiffGaff, but I’m one, and I do.

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by berniethebolt on ‎23-12-2010 12:38

Yes, I too would use my Amex card to pay on giffgaff.


I doubt whether they would take it though, as Amex charges retailers a higher percentage commission than Mastercard or Visa, and giffgaff will probably rule it out as too expensive, like when PayPal has been suggested before.


I suppose the other problem is that they seem to struggle in keeping the current card payment system working anyway, without complicating it by adding more types of card!

by lordofangels ‎23-12-2010 12:41 - edited ‎23-12-2010 12:43

Amex charge is 3or6%, can't remember which, but anyhoo it's way to high compared with Visa,MC.

by lisapip on ‎23-12-2010 14:39

American Express card charge a higher rate , not to many shop take them.

I use my in sainsbury and get nectar points.

by jamjaw on ‎24-12-2010 17:29
Been suggested before (by me!!) and it is too expensive. Just buy a voucher with your weekly shop and hey presto. You might get loyalty points too!!! X
by nnj10 on ‎24-12-2010 17:34

I have AMEX card too, but I don't support this idea.

It is well known that AMEX costs are much higher compared to VISA/Mastercard, and that's why many shops (even on High Street), DO NOT accept them.

At Giffgaff the whole idea is to keep the costs down which in turn gives us better value for money.

by mhoobag1 graduate on ‎24-12-2010 20:52

Also AMEX take months and moths to pay the retailer were as Visa and Mastercard pay in to the retailers bank in a matter of days to a few weeks depending on sales. 

by matholomew on ‎19-07-2011 22:37

Of course you can use your amex to topup your giffgaff acount

Buy a topup voucher from a shop e.g. sainsburys or tescos thereby get amex cashback/points and nectar/clubcard points as well.

by mo2011 on ‎19-07-2011 22:42

to high charges to take amex, giffgaff wanna keep costs down so we pay less so i doubt it keep using it at supermarkets go via sainsbury and get teh sainsbury nectar amex card you can earn points everytime you spend and double points wen purchasing from sainsburys....

by giffgaff Educator on ‎27-08-2011 14:03
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by as7861 on ‎03-01-2012 00:29
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