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Add Internet to the hockey cokey

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by lmd on ‎09-07-2011 17:11
With data being charged for if not on a goodybag, why not add a limited say 200mb / unlimited data with the hockey cokey goodybag for £2.5 extra.

So the new hockey cokey would be £7.50 and include mins, texts and data. :smileyhappy:

Kudos if you like the idea.
by ibiza on ‎10-07-2011 16:15

I suggested this already too after HC was kept - but to have a data and non data HC - but it was decined.

by mochi on ‎11-07-2011 15:40

Definitely like the sound of this one... I'd try it out if it was brought in.

by yaquob786 on ‎15-08-2011 18:03

I definitely would love that!


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