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Allow other forms of I.D. for age verification.

Status: Not For Us
by jon_doe on ‎25-03-2012 16:08

I'm 30 something or other!!! I have no driving licence, no passport, not even a birth certificate. My only legal I.D. is a smartcities card........ And yes that is legal I.D.


Ideas? I haven't got many -

Maybe the ability to upload a photo of yourself (hey if I take out my false teeth I look pretty **bleep** old!!!)

Prescriptions are classed as legal ID (so I'm told)


Photos of your visa card???



Status: Not For Us
Raise a case and ask for your Adult Content Bar to be removed. The agents will ask you a few questions, perform a few checks and If you lie to us about your age, you're committing fraud. But no ID needed to remove it the slow way, Kind regards, Hazel.
by jon_doe on ‎25-03-2012 16:09

Ooops I swore!.... I like the way the forum handles it :smileyhappy:


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