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An "all you want" day !!!

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by hcovell on ‎17-03-2012 08:42

Hiya everyone :smileywink:


I have a suggestion concerning the recent "outage" with giffgaff.


This affected people throughout nearly a whole day - and so, to satisfy people that they have been compensated and to regain people's trust, I suggest that giffgaff may have a day where (the opposite of yesterday) you can send as many texts/calls/internet as you wish.


This is an good alternative to compensation in the form of credit - or money because it would not incur an ongoing cost for giffgaff - it would all be done in just one day :smileywink:


Alternative suggestions

-Everyone could do this on different days i.e you get to chose when you use this "all you want for a day" thing

-There could be a limit i.e. 300 texts and 100 min and also a cer