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Auto Goodybag

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by gmob on ‎07-01-2012 21:06

We all ready have an auto top up facility for credit.

Would it be so complicated for an auto goodybag facility ?

Could we have an auto goodybag facility ? Whereby, say 3 or 4 days before it expires auto goodybag is activated !!


PLEASE GiffGaff .... :smileyhappy:

by cricpk on ‎07-01-2012 21:07

Sorry, This has already been mentioned. However, i think giffgaff are considering to implement this. :smileyhappy: 

by andreww on ‎07-01-2012 21:08
by andreww on ‎07-01-2012 21:09

Status: Accepted Hey everyone, this idea is still accepted , but it has been pushed back in date, as we are still working on it. A definite time-frame cant be given at this point, but we are hoping for early 2012

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