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by netanelkiselstein on ‎21-01-2012 23:29

I have thought of an idea that would be great for giffgaff.

Giffgaff should make a page where people can set up their own charity accounts where they can raise money for the charity of their choice, they should be able to write a description of the charity and see how much has been reaised

People will be able to send money via their giffgaff account and use their payback which has been available before but in a different way.

Status: Idea Vault
by netanelkiselstein on ‎22-01-2012 12:51

Please give kudos so the idea will be looked at

by victor1990 on ‎24-01-2012 14:18

Nice idea in theory, but I don't see why giffgaff should spend time and money implementing this when their primary purpose is to run a mobile network. If you want to give money to different charities, just take your payback as cash and then do it yourself.

by andreww ‎24-01-2012 19:53 - edited ‎24-01-2012 20:07
So, this user has supported this idea.

And been quite liberal with kudos generally to this author. Presume it's just a coincidence?
by jordansomner on ‎25-01-2012 21:32

i support this idea


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