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Cheap calls to Tunisia and Turkey

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by diablos ‎21-11-2011 19:19 - edited ‎05-12-2011 01:48

One of the most called countries from Britain and from London is Turkey.  With over 500,000 Turkish population most Turks are using calling card with cheap rates a minute to turkey. Now most Turks are using Lycra mobile or Vectone mobile Sims who have equally got calls to Turkey Mobile at 2p a minute and turkey landlines at 1p a minute.

Also there is a over a 7,000 population of  Tunisians in the country who want to called their families and loved ones in Tunisia on a regular basis. Vodafone do calls to Tunisia at the cheapest rate of 21p per minute.

Since Giffgaff is head on competition with most of the other mobile providers they should also consider trying to offer the best or most competitive rates with most International countries including the above mentioned ones.

If GiffGaff starts to offer better deals on a wider range of international countries including the ones I mentioned they will be able to sell a lot more sim cards.

Believe me I for one can bring in many more customers to GiffGaff as I an Turkish and I know many people who will be interested with the benefits of cheap calls to Turkey combined with Good deals on UK calls/texting and Internet.


Other Providers Rates:                                           Giffgaff rates to these countries so far:


Lycra Mobile Turkey landline                             1p per minute                                       Turkey   £1.00 per minute

Lycra Mobile Turkey Mobile                                2p per minute                                       Tunisia £1.00 per minute

Vectone mobile Turkey mobile/Landline         2p per minute

Vodafone Tunisia                                               21p per minute


And of course much cheaper rates should also be considered for Nigeria.


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Giffgaff have already stated what they'll be doing for international calls
by diablos on ‎21-11-2011 20:00



by andreww on ‎21-11-2011 20:03
I understand where you are coming from, but as longer serving members will tell you, giffgaff needs investment to grow - which is why the PAYG prices have recently INCREASED. They didn't even increase as much as was ideally needed. On that basis, giffgaff couldn't complete with the Lycas etc on foreign pricing - and stay in business :smileywink:
by diablos on ‎21-11-2011 20:10

Andrew these are importent ideas to help increase business and increase profits. They could definetely compete on a high margin if they stay exactly as they are and add exstras i suggested on the long run.


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