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Confirming giffgaff accounts

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by think_of_tomoro on ‎13-03-2012 21:20

I was recently suspected of creating a giffgaff account and as it is known "cheating the system". After being told this by a giffgaff employee I looked into how easy it really was for me to be able to create this giffgaff account I am currently using by setting one up for a demonstrational purpose only.


The Suggestion

My suggestion is that there should be a confirmation email sent to every person who wants to sign up to giffgaff which would be sent to the email they stated in the registration form, then until they have confirmed the email by clicking a link, provided in the email, they cannot use the giffgaff community service. By doing this there would be less people abusing the giffgaff community in order to earn payback points, kudos, achieve higher ranks or get accepted answers. This would be because each account would have to be confirmed by the person who would use it therefore stopping people giving false/random email addresses and signing up like I was able to for this demonstration. Many major websites who have accounts for their members already have this feature of having to confirm the account through email to stop random/false emails being used.



Photo Demonstration


Current screen shown after clicking register after given random details:


Current screen shown after filling in account details


This shows that no confirmation is required of the account and after clicking register you are instantly able to use the giffgaff community and "cheat the system".


Proposed method of signing up:


(Supossing real deatails were used) Registration form details filled out:


details given in registration form for registration of account


After clicking submit you are taken to a page like this:

when clicked register on registration form user is lead to this sort of page


The user then signs into thier email to get confirmation email:


how email in the inbox would look


The user then opens the email to click on the confirmation link to allow them to use their new giffgaff account:


how the email could look once opened



I believe that if this was implemented as a part of giffgaff the community would not have as many people who try to "cheat the system" in order to earn more payback points, extra kudos, earn higher community rankings or get nore accepted answers. Therefore making the community a happier place as there is nobody trying to cheat the system and there are no unfair rewards given by cheating users!


Thank you,



Kudos will go far if you think this is a good idea and want there to be a cheat free community!

Give kudos if you too want no cheats on the community and think this idea would stop this from happening.



by zerodudex333 on ‎14-03-2012 02:10
Yes, perhaps email confirmation may not help too much, but think of tomoro is heading in the right direction, I think we need better security for new account sign ups, and there should be as many ways to 'verify' an account as possible. Obviously we don't want the procedures to be complicated enough that it would be potentially off putting for new customers, I don't know how far this can go, as I have no idea how its done tech-wise, but we definitely should try to get more attention on these ideas. Kudos added
by think_of_tomoro on ‎14-03-2012 15:41

I still think it is a good idea as it may not stop trollers completely but it will certainly slow them down and/or put them off. Also what ii said in a previous post:


email confirmation proves nothing. email addresses are not personal. want to be stricter you have to go with phone confirmation like Facebook /Gmail


This would be a brilliant way of confirming giffgaff accounts.

All members would have to asign there acount to a facebook account. This could help giffgaff force people to like giffgaff on facebook!! and also reduce the number of trollers as facebook is more of a personal site and people do not generally set up a facebook accounts just to get account confirmations as they may an email!


By the way, if there is a way of updating an idea please tell me how and I will add this to the original idea as an update! I will mention "ii"!!

by insight on ‎14-03-2012 18:18

Yeah man, i totally agree with reducing spammers, ect..

But then tell me how i would register a sim for my mother, i would have to register it for her, but as she soesnt have an email or facebook so it would be impossible to register her. also she has no clue how to use a computer..

So in this case i just put in " and i was done.

There was no confirmation email..

No further hassles, the sim was activated :smileyhappy:

by think_of_tomoro on ‎14-03-2012 18:23

@insight - You could register it with an email you could set up purely for your mothers giffgaff as email services allow you to set an email free. Also if everyone was to put an address like: ""  in then there would still be people cheating the giffgaff system.


Maybe even you could set it up with the same email address but each of the two accounts on the one email address could not award eachother kudos, accept as answers, etc


Hope this helps!

by rlproper on ‎14-03-2012 20:41
If you stop people opening multiple accounts then you really need to allow some kind of family account management system. I manage 2 sims for myself plus husband, mother and aunt. The other accounts don't post regularly.
by muhammad258 on ‎15-03-2012 19:30
Good idea
by giffgaff Educator on ‎11-11-2012 11:47

Hi guys, I was asked to keep this a 'new idea' as it's what you wanted: -


And it's come to the bit where it will go into the Ideas meeting this week - however I'm a little concerned about the lack of support. Most of the ideas that go into the meeting easily reach 50+ and whilst 20 is the threshold to be considered, it's hard to push an idea that has 21 Kudos when all the others get more than twice that without promotion.


Can I ask if you did want it, please go support it before Tuesday.


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