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Disable Balance Pop-ups

Status: Implemented
by simon69c motivator ‎16-02-2010 12:26 - edited ‎16-02-2010 14:40

While for some users, having your giffgaff call balance pop-up after each text or call is really handy, for others it can be a real pain - especially on some handsets where the pop-up is quite intrusive.


Unfortunately this cannot currently be set on or off individually - it is either on for everyone (as it is now) or off for everyone.  Personally I don't mind too much either way, though I can appreciate that it is probably more of an issue for those who don't like it than those who do, so I wouldn't really miss it if it was turned off (especially as you can request an on-demand balance by sending *100# anyway).


If you would prefer it to be off for everyone then please Kudos this idea, if you would prefer to have them left on then please add a comment.  Ideally I suppose we could have the option to turn off and on individually - but that would be a longer term goal as the system would need to be changed to incorporate that.

by simon69c motivator on ‎08-03-2010 15:56

Popups seem to be back on for me today - just got one after sending a text anyway...  Boo! :smileywink:

by bc on ‎08-03-2010 16:56

This is an incredibly annoying and intrusive defect that will force me to leave giffgaff if it's not fixed when my credit runs out. That's not a hollow threat -- on my phone the pop-up triggers the same vibration/sound used when a new text message arrives meaning that I have to check my phone to see if it actually is a new text or just the stupid balance pop-up.


Not sending stuff to people's phones unless they explicitly ask for it ought be a fundamental rule of polite behaviour for any mobile operator. Please disable this behaviour until an opt-in solution is found.

by simon69c motivator on ‎20-03-2010 15:13

They are going to be offering us the option to turn it off and on individually.  As it happens O2 do the same - you just have to call them up and ask them to turn them off.

by lotuspetalsound on ‎07-04-2010 19:34

Personally I think its a great feature and would prefer it to be an option in the accounts settings to be either on or off, I'd keep mine on.  this is my only pay as you go phone and so its great to see the balance after each use so I can decide whether to top up or not.



by ksjs on ‎08-04-2010 10:09

i joined Giffgaff last week and HATE this. there is no way this should be set on as the default given that you can get the balance on demand via text or from the website. by the way 'summary after call' and 'info messages' are both set to off on my phone and i still get the texts.

by sausageandbun on ‎13-04-2010 16:23

I haven't been receiving these on my phone for the last week or two. Have they been disabled now or have I unwittingly done something on my phone to stop them? Only I can't find any relevant options that would turn them off or on (o2 cocoon currently in use).


I ask because, I rather like them, and find them kind of useful after I've made a call, so I'm currently saddened by their cheerful absense on my screen.

by counsellor danielclo1il on ‎16-06-2010 16:53

any updates on when this is coming?!

by pconno1 novice on ‎05-07-2010 20:16

Can we have an update on the implementation date for this from someone in the know please?

by mhoobag1 graduate on ‎22-07-2010 13:41

Want to turn you balance notifications off?

Kudos this post by Vincent b4Friday:

by mhoobag1 graduate on ‎22-07-2010 13:42

Want to turn you balance notifications off?

Kudos this post by Vincent before Friday:


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