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by dugblare on ‎22-03-2012 09:12

I know many of us get payback points which is a reward for serving the community but there are many members who simply do not have the time to spend looking through members questions and more importantly do not know the answers to many of their problems.

However it would be a good marketing tool for giffgaff  to have a monthly draw for all members which could comprise of prizes where they give out goodybags say 10 x£25 Goodbags, 20 x£15 Goodybags, 30 x £10 goodbags or something similar.

Halifax Bank do something similar (albeit much bigger) for their savers.

This idea might well bring in more people to giffgaff and also make it interesting for those not receiving payback for the reasons quoted above

by dugblare on ‎22-03-2012 11:10

The idea behind my posting was that the rewards would be for everyone who has activated a sim card, not just members on this forum. The rewards would be in the form of a free goodybag as that is the most popular. The value and number of awards would be decided by GG based upon a sum of money (part of their marketing budget) they decide to allocate


This way everyone who has a GG sim card in their phone would have a chance of winning.

The proposal is quite different to some of those previously proposed ie competitions, most kudos etc etc which are forum restricted

by solid247 on ‎22-03-2012 12:23
@dug Theres half a dozen ideas same or similar not just the that one ... But that particular was the first ever posted >this one is just about identical
by dugblare on ‎22-03-2012 14:25

OK another idea dead and buried......LOL


I will have to start thinking outside the box. I think thats the expression......LOL


Thanks all for your comments much appreciated

by solid247 on ‎22-03-2012 15:12
@dug Outside the box is good lol ........ But read this :smileyhappy: Duplicate. Checker
by tammydat on ‎22-03-2012 16:11
Not too bad

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