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Fix the Ask an Agent link

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by mrtopp on ‎02-03-2012 12:04

Back when I joined giffgaff, there was this odd bug with the website -- sometimes, new joiners would be unable to "ask an agent". The link simply wouldn't work.


Today -- more than half a year later -- the same problem exists.


I see that there are ideas out there regarding this, such as Proactive Fix for Ask an Agent and Replies, but these ideas are flawed: they assume giffgaff is working on a fix, and suggesting a mitigating strategy until such a fix is in place.


Given that there is no idea being kudosed about ACTUALLY FIXING THE BUG, I am beginning to wonder if anybody is working on it. So I would like to suggest that GIFFGAFF ACTUALLY FIX THIS ******* BUG.


It seems completely ridiculous that the only means provided to contact the company in regards to account-related issues simply does not function for a significant number of the customers. This should be fixed, and there should be some sort of proactive process in place to address these issues *before* customers notice and come to the forum to help.


This whole thing is getting a little shameful.

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by giffgaff head-scratcher darrenpainter on ‎03-03-2012 11:07

As the originator of the idea mentioned, it didn't assume a fix was being put into place permanently, that only came up in one of the later comments when it was explained that the issue arose for people who did a port request without having first ever using the ask an agent link for something. and that giffgaff had stated they were intended to resolve it with a system update (that never materliased)


My whole focus was on asking giffgaff to do whatever manual process is used to fix the bug as an automated process against accounts . i.e a proactive check for it rather than a re-active and messy visible problem that gives a bad first impression.


However I do support your comment that by now it has dragged on long enough and the whole issue needs to be resolved to get some semblence of service back into the system.


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