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GiffGaff annual meeting of Staff and users

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by charlesn on ‎22-03-2012 12:17

I am suggesting that GiffGaff have a once a year gathering of all who would like to Get Together (GTG) in a logical venue.


This is a well tested and tried method of promotion of a company.  O2 sort of do it with their Priority system for O2 users.


There are several advantages to this idea.


The main one is the promotion of their network and a place where people can get to see everyone connected with GiffGaff in an official but light heated way. 


Another advantage would be that GiffGaff users could swap ideas and I am sure some good would come out of it for GiffGaff.


There is an obvious place to hold this gathering … GiffGaff have some connections with a well known company “O2”. So the obvious place would be the O2 centre in London on a weekend day


Entertainment and refreshment could also be laid on and even if costs had to be covered by GiffGaff members with a small charge payable in advance from their credit I think there may well be sufficient takers for this idea.


Another way of covering costs would be to allow Mobile hone companies and accessory makers to promote their products. They would obviously like to show off their latest and best products to us all in the hope that we buy one of their products. A cheap form of advertising to an already interested audience.


GiffGaff come in for plenty of “Stick” on their forum .. Generally people seem to only write a post if they are having a problem or want to complain and this looks bad always.. I am sure there are far more users who are totally happy but you never hear from those.. Incidentally I am one of the happy ones, but, I use the forum to gain ideas and also to help others who are having problems.


So GiffGaff Company … What do you think of the idea ?


GiffGaff users … What do you think of the idea ?

Status: Idea Vault
Last year we had a great Christmas party, and we plan to meet up with members in the future, so keep posted! (changed from 'Implemented'....thanks Andy :smileywink:)
by pjr on ‎22-03-2012 12:23
I believe they already do, at least they did last christmas.
by eddnoon on ‎22-03-2012 12:23
I like the idea but I doubt it will happen. What can be done or said in a face to face meeting that can't over a chatroom or forum?
by hamishlaw on ‎22-03-2012 16:27

I voted for this idea out of sympathy and a desire to have another event I could decide not to attend - it kind of makes me feel I have friends and a hectic social life :smileyembarrassed:

by pjr on ‎22-03-2012 18:13
by welshdragon92 on ‎22-03-2012 23:03
The Christmas party sounded great... Until you had to be 21 to get into the venue. Maybe next year it can be done in a venue for 18+
by rochessel on ‎23-03-2012 04:37
Was the Xmas party actually broadcasted I heard it was meant to be but I didn't see anything! To anyone who went are the gg team as nuts as they seem on utube? :smileywink:
by pjr on ‎23-03-2012 13:29
I seem to remember there was mention of it on the forums
by tjommo on ‎23-03-2012 21:24

It could be a big kind of conference idea- like question time. There could be a panel and then people could ask questions. It could even be done over a video conference kind of thing?

by tobias_b on ‎26-03-2012 15:50
Status changed to: Implemented
Last year we had a great Christmas party, and we plan to meet up with members in the future, so keep posted!
by tobias_b on ‎26-03-2012 16:48
Status changed to: Idea Vault
Last year we had a great Christmas party, and we plan to meet up with members in the future, so keep posted! (changed from 'Implemented'....thanks Andy :smileywink:)

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