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Giffgaff backup drive

Status: Not For Us
by thasmin on ‎29-10-2011 22:49
Giffgaff is a new network obviously, a lot of people have to right their contacts down or transfer them but if their was a back up drive on giffgaff website then it would be useful
Status: Not For Us
Please see Jamesd2010's post :smileyhappy:
by jamesd2010 on ‎29-10-2011 22:59
This would be a huge amount of money to waste and they'd make no return, Google mail does the same thing for free!
by iphone_user on ‎29-10-2011 23:01
This would cost $$$$$$$$$$$$¥$
by bertiebat ‎29-10-2011 23:08 - edited ‎29-10-2011 23:11
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by giffgaff Educator on ‎29-10-2011 23:09
Status changed to: Not For Us
Please see Jamesd2010's post :smileyhappy:
by klamath on ‎30-10-2011 07:23

No need really as those of us that have droid based phones get our contacts backed up with google free of charge.  And for those that need to sync lots of files on the phones with desktop there are plenty of online backup tools out there (e.g. dropbox).

by gypsy on ‎30-10-2011 07:37

with giffgaff keeping costs down this would not work.


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