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Hand out sim cards

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by graham79 on ‎19-03-2012 21:24

There needs to be more details on the sim cards that we hand out, at the moment there is only a little information on the plastic sim card holder about going to, it would maybe help if it gave more information about goody bags, call rates, how to sign up, ways to top up and how much money could be saved

by ryaneberry on ‎19-03-2012 21:25
Isn't that why there is a leaflet?
by graham79 on ‎19-03-2012 21:28

They didnt use that leaflet in the last few that i recieved and there wasnt really much info on that either.

by yorkiepudd on ‎19-03-2012 21:29
I was going to apply for a box does that come with a leaflet?
by ryaneberry on ‎19-03-2012 21:29
The ones I get have a load of information on them :smileytongue:
by bertiebat on ‎19-03-2012 21:45

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