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How do under 18's get payback if they can't make a PayPal account!!!!!!??????

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by shimmy123 on ‎22-01-2012 08:14
Giffgaff have said its to expensive for them to offer bank transfer at payback, they have also said that offering payback more often is to expensive for them.... Let me ask you, what do we get. If we choose PayPal they'll take 10% and if we choose credit then we don't get gg to gg calls. I think giffgaff should choose between one of the ideas at the top, I'm not saying do both but just to do one will be much more worthit, I'm sure lots more people will help out. Gg also have to remember that there are many people on giffgaff who give out giffgaff sims who are under 18, so they can't even get a paypal account, so there's no way they can get there payback as cash. For this reason bank transfer I important!! I really think you should think about this giffgaff. Please kudos if you agree.
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Please search before posting ideas to see if it has already been posted.  Read comments for ways round this. :smileyhappy:

by stephenmiller on ‎22-01-2012 10:27

i know of under 18s who have Paypal accounts, I'm not condoning it but I gather their checks aren't very stringent :smileytongue:

by jackiechanman on ‎22-01-2012 12:14

I either just get it as credit or use 'my dads' account :smileywink:

by ari_morris on ‎22-01-2012 12:17

either pretend to paypal ur 18, use a parents account or a friends account the problem can easily be solved its not giffgaff's fault what policy paypal has. this is the most popular way of getting money out. they cant use a different site for each member  

by joolzian on ‎22-01-2012 12:18

Everyone can use my account if they like.  :smileytongue:

by duddriks on ‎22-01-2012 12:33
gg pay paypal fees and you do get free gg to gg, also gg have said why they dont offer bank transfer as it costs too much. Also, some kids accounts may not allow electronic transfers
by giffgaff_sims on ‎23-01-2012 02:30
Giffgff pays the 10%
by gypsy on ‎23-01-2012 08:00

I use a friends account.for which we give some to charity.

which works for me.

by pinklady1988 on ‎26-01-2012 18:38
paypal isnt the best option, bacs would be ideal but giffgaff have already said no to this. A good suggestion iv seen is to pay by bacs if its a large amount but again i think that was rejected.
by victor1990 on ‎22-02-2012 13:54

Hmm, tricky one. Arguably it's paypal's policies that are at fault for not allowing 16 & 17 year olds etc to have full accounts.


The alternative - bank transfer - would be very time consuming to run and could lead to mistakes - it's much easier to mess up one digit of your bank details. money could go missing.


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