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I think giffgaff should offer higher giga-bags maybe something like 5GB 10GB and 15GB Giga-bags

Status: Not For Us
by revomutharock ‎13-10-2011 03:01 - edited ‎13-10-2011 03:10

I was wondering why giffgaff didn't do higher GB Giga-bags for the higher user?

Status: Not For Us
The price would mean that they would become uncompetitive. We estimate that a 10gb gigabag would retail at £20-£25 each. We also believe the market for 10gb+ gigabags would be extremely small and the more tariffs you have the more complicated things would become. Thank you for your idea and I look forward to your future contributions!
by pedromapnet on ‎06-12-2011 13:00

In my case I think giffgaff should have a better negotiator when buying bulk data allowance from above, aka re-distribuor bulk buys I assume, correct me if i am wrong...

by ouaisne on ‎06-12-2011 13:03

They probably have to deal with O2 who themselves are probably limited.

by smudgerfez on ‎06-12-2011 13:10
Perhaps most consumers only use small amounts of data and the market for huge goodybags with lot's of data doesn't exist to make it financially worthwhile?
I'm sure I read somewhere that the average user (on the big networks) will use between 300/400MB per month.
by blackfive460 on ‎14-01-2014 18:34

I agree that Gigabags need a rethink though pricing larger Gigabags in what is a very competitive market could be interesting.

I'd also suggest that giffgaff give up on restrictive 30 day data only products and make them use 'til empty. Then if you run out, at least you can, buy a new one straight away.

by lord_childe on ‎14-01-2014 19:00
Three network has a 5GB/£15 data plan - I'd rather pay £15 for 5GB than £12.50 for 3GB, but even 5GB is far from adequate. There are things I can't do because of data restrictions, like watching sport streams. I'd be more comfortable with 10GB/month, but I'm sure the prices would be around 20 quid, which is unfair compared to goodybag deals. Basically, the whole thing is unfair - so-called unlimited internet on a phone, but if your device has a larger screen aka Tablet you pay through the nose.
by jcalvy on ‎14-01-2014 19:14

they do need reviewing.

by masterluke on ‎14-01-2014 21:40

As it stands giffgaff isn't an viable option for mobile broadband to be taken seriously. Too expensive, not enough data, and where I am all I get on giffgaff/O2 is 2G GPRS anyway so I have no alternative than to use Three for data. giffgaff's gigabag offerings for data are so poor it's not even worth considering for backup either to be honest.

by graham05 on ‎14-01-2014 21:50

Agree 100 percent. 


Unexpiring data would also be brilliant (and much fairer, giffgaff shouldn't be copying the practices of the big boys with there rip off contracts). Ideal for those who have irregular usage of tablets away from home. 


by blackfive460 on ‎15-01-2014 13:28

I wasn't suggesting that allowances should last forever!

What I should have wriiten was 'use 'til empty' OR 30 days. giffgaff need a reasonable revenue stream if the network is to survive long term.

by frank1959 on ‎30-07-2014 08:13

Is there ANy plans to introduce a 5 or 6 Gigabag in the very NEAR future, I ask as I now have an iPad but the 3G would not be any good for me whatsoever, and the price per day when it runs out makes it far to expensive, I would love to keep with giff gaff for my dongle but it's looking that I might have  to sign up with three.


quick response would be great has I need to get my iPad set up ASAP.






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