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Include language moderation in Usernames

Status: Not For Us
by jamesd2010 on ‎20-05-2011 22:16

I may not be speaking for members as a community here, but I have just seen a not so pleasant username including swearing.


Would it not be wise to include the swear box into username creation? If the word was posted it would be blocked, so why not with usernames, after all it is more obvious! I'm not against swearing, but to use it inappropriately in a username with no meaning completely out of context is not needed for our community.


Of course members should have freedom in creativity, but I think more obvious swear words should be filtered out.


Kudo's if you agree, I'd say it's pretty urgent, to prevent it from happening again.

Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, after much discussion today we decided against this. When Educators to the Welcome Message we suspend all membernames from the day before which aren't appropriate - so this is pretty much covered on a daily basis. But the worry is that banning words such as 'twat' etc would harm genuine members - for example, my username on twitter is Saltwaterduck - but I can't use this on PSN or other places because of the word 'twat' in the middle of it. The way we see it is we'd rather create a little more work for us, than negatively impact genuine cases. I hope this makes sense, Kind regards, Hazel.
by jamesd2010 on ‎20-05-2011 22:24

I've just contacted an educator on the matter, it's being dealt with, but it still needs to be prevented in the future. And yes aandms I agree, like another member who would troll the forum, recently had 'theyseemetrolling' as a username. Don't know if his still around!

by yaakov1 on ‎07-11-2011 14:17

yeah a month ago.:smileyvery-happy:


is there any  update on this?

by giffgaff Educator on ‎07-11-2011 14:18

There is no update on this at this time :smileyhappy:

by yaakov1 on ‎11-11-2011 10:36
by giffgaff Educator on ‎11-11-2011 10:48

@Yaakov - Hi! Thanks for flagging this up to me :smileyhappy: Unfortunately because you don't just sign up with Lithuim on our website, this hasn't implemented this idea for us, but we are still looking into it! :smileyhappy: 

by yaakov1 on ‎11-11-2011 10:49

oh, i understand, so the company that makes my giffgaff would also have to implement this for it to work?

by jamesd2010 on ‎20-11-2011 21:31

Have seen 3 more examples of usernames this evening where this could have been prevented! :smileyhappy:

by yaakov1 on ‎20-11-2011 21:38


yep, some people have no life

by giffgaff head-scratcher darrenpainter on ‎14-07-2012 12:02

Can I assume there has still been no movement on this feature being provided from from Lithium yet ?

Still seeing and reporting names that breach the community guidelines.....

by Community Manager on ‎03-08-2012 21:34
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Hi! We're still excited to do this idea, but it's not quite in the routemaster at the moment - when it is, we'll update this idea to 'Coming Soon', have a nice day and thank you for contributing to the Ideas Board!

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