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International Goodybags

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by sparkytechwire on ‎02-05-2011 22:58

Ideal for going abroad, for £30 200mins & 500 texts and 500mb of internet when abroad for the munch, or do it £7.50 a week (ideal for holidays and business users who rely on their phones in other countries?)

by drlatheef on ‎02-05-2011 23:00
Already been suggested many a times but I would like Giffgaff to implement this in the near future.
by pw1987 on ‎02-05-2011 23:02

Have a search for when this has been suggested before, and add Kudos to show your support

by chubuking on ‎02-05-2011 23:03
Hundreeedsss of suggestions mate
by ya_2011 on ‎02-05-2011 23:11
They have yet to add this but it's a good idea
by nabeel_nabs ‎02-05-2011 23:16 - edited ‎02-05-2011 23:18
by wollac11 on ‎02-05-2011 23:33

Nice idea but one shared by many - it's a duplicate i'm afraid. Hopefully giffgaff will implement something like this soon :smileyhappy:

by sh2011 on ‎03-05-2011 21:56

Great thinking. Love it!

by thewordsmith on ‎10-05-2011 18:52

Join us for Call of Duty

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