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International calling rates

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by samirah123 on ‎25-12-2010 01:23


i was just looking through other network calling rates abroad such as Pakistan, i just wanted to suggest if gg could inplement decent rates for international calls (4p/min for both mobile and landline) as many people tend to buy lebara, lyca and vectone sims. in this way, more people would join gg.

The current costs are:

Lebara - 9p/min (both)

Lyca - 4p/min landline and 9p/min mobile

Vectone - 5p/min (both)

Gg has already beat them with cheap texting rates so it would be absolutely great if the calling rates could also drop too:smileyhappy:


Hope others like this idea too:smileyhappy:

by spider079 on ‎25-12-2010 01:32
giffgaffs priorites are the uk Market at the moment. they arnt ready to crack the larger Market. ie making calls to countries abroad for low pricing. it wouldn't be possible as the amount of people who use cheap deals to phone far out weigh giffgaffers willing to call abroad with their sims. merry Christmas :smileyhappy:
by kate_l on ‎25-12-2010 02:04
I call my friend on America quite a lot and find it's very very reasonable :-P not expensive at all!! It just depends on what people want!!
by samirah123 on ‎25-12-2010 14:26

As stated on the giffgaff pricing page -

calls to mobiles are: 16p/min which is quite expensive if you call all the time like myself and im sure others too. Its a good rate for america as its only 8p/min, its the standard uk rate.

by naziarazi on ‎25-12-2010 17:37

Would be great to have cheaper calls to pakistan because my hubby calls there all the time with his vectone sim but i'd be able to convince him to move to giffgaff if the prices drop..

by onlyfoolsandhorses on ‎28-12-2010 15:07

Cheaper than £1 per minute to Bangladesh would be appreciated

by mhoobag1 graduate on ‎28-12-2010 23:37

I realise this in NOT a duplicate idea but international calling has been discussed before as a goodybag add on.


gg have said in those cases:

Status: Future Review

Hiya, although this is under consideration, it is a hard one to implement. We want to keep giffgaff as simply as possible and any extra goody bag will add to the complexity of giffgaff. So we don't want to make any big changes for now, and as our prices are very good already there is little sting in calling abroad. Something for us to look at in the future.





Maybe visit the link below to give this idea kudos:


by maria786 on ‎29-12-2010 09:14


by markjbailey2002 ‎29-12-2010 09:54 - edited ‎29-12-2010 09:58

A simple way to reduce international calls is to use an override provider such as You do need to set an account up, but then you simply call a 0808 number which is free on giff gaff. USA costs 1p per minute, Bangladesh 4p per minute and Hong Kong costs 2p per minute!

by robbie28 on ‎05-01-2011 14:18
by samirah123 on ‎06-01-2011 09:11

I'm not about international goodybags. I was wondering if we could use our balance to call other countries.


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